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Husband. Photographer. Creative.

Timothy Lusk

UX Design Systems Specialist

Over the last couple of decades, I have worked as a Production Artist and Visual QA Specialist in and around Seattle. My efficiency and speed are highly valuable while my attention to detail is a definite asset as well. I am not afraid to ask questions and am most active with problem-solving and producing a quality product.

Currently, I am focused on design systems and the implementation of them on hardware. Working to ensure the components and templates built are aligned to UX POR and the scale of the viewports to the vast hardware library.

I started my career as a Walt Disney Imagineer. Shortly after, returning to Seattle to work for top agencies such as Horton Lantz & Low and BlackWing Creative (formerly Hodgson/Meyers). These experiences brought on exciting opportunities with Microsoft, Xbox, and currently Amazon.



Amazon Cloud Cam


Amazon Alexa


Echo Show

User Interface

Echo Spot

Design System

Kindle Fire

Design System

Fire TV

Design System

Xbox One

User Interface

Xbox 360

User Interface

Mickey's of Glendale

Environmental Graphic Design

Project UNFOLD

Graphic Design

Fire TV Recast

Design System

Echo Show 10

Design System

NEW FireTV Interface

Design System

NEW Echo Show

Design System

NEW Alexa Application

Design System

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Currently, I am working on multiple projects that encompass User Experience design. Feel free to send me a message and I'll get back to you at my earliest convenience. Thank you.

Seattle, Washington